regarding the processing of personal data
in the "MADE BY SOCIETY" online store


Societatea Diaconu Agriplant SRL , hereinafter referred to as " MADE BY SOCIETY" or simply " Company" or "Operatorul" , with headquarters in Romania, Botoșani county, loc. Răchiți, Zona Industriala, floor 1, office no. 1, having unique registration code 37295920, tax attribute RO, established and operating in accordance with the normative acts of Romania, owner of the online store , in accordance with Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, adopted by the European Parliament, as an Operator processes personal data in a confidential, secure and transparent manner, assuring its customers that they can trust the management of personal data provided to the Operator.




The operator processes the personal data of the persons concerned, in accordance with the specific and applicable legal provisions for the following activities:

  • registering a user account within this online store;
  • preparing sales formalities through this online store;
  • information regarding the launch of new products;
  • accessing promotions addressed to registered customers;
  • information regarding the processing status of orders launched online;
  • information regarding the resolution of returns and notifications;
  • consultation of order history;
  • creating profiles, indicating product sizes, colors and other relevant elements;
  • resolving notifications of violations of the rights of the data subject;
  • the fulfillment of any incidental legal obligations;


If you do not agree with the provision of the personal data listed in this notice, it may be impossible or, as the case may be, difficult for our company to fulfill the request you send us.




The personal data of the persons concerned are processed in order to achieve the legitimate interests of the Operator, according to article 6 paragraph (1) letter a), b), c) and e) of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679.




The personal data that we may request from you depending on the case, are the following:


  • Name and surname;
  • Body dimensions;
  • Complete home address;
  • Postal adress;
  • Electronic correspondence address;
  • Phone number;
  • Data necessary for a transaction such as the bank account or the name of the holder of this account, as well as the banking institution where the respective account is opened;
  • Signature (only in specific cases such as filling out the warranty form or those regarding the return of products, signing the form for exercising the rights of the person concerned);
  • Other personal data (in exceptional cases and only if necessary and justified by law); The internal policy regarding the protection and security of personal data refers to the principle of minimizing the processing of personal data, by reducing it to the strict requirements presented in the Information Note. The operator reserves the right to exceptionally request other personal data if they are necessary for the fulfillment of the listed purposes.




The collected personal data can be communicated on a case-by-case basis to the following categories of recipients, as the case may be:


  • The proxies selected by our company, in order to perform various data processing on behalf of the Operator;
  • Third party recipients, such as our company's partner transport companies;
  • Administrators of social networks where our company has open accounts;
  • Institutions/central authorities, at their legal request, carried out officially;
  • Criminal investigation bodies and/or Courts according to the law;
  • Personal data can be stored in electronic servers owned by the Operator or, as the case may be, owned by third parties, in both cases the servers are secured and located on the territory of the European Union;
  • To the extent necessary, to other third parties to the extent of legal necessity or compliance with our legitimate interest and only if it prevails;


Disclosure of data to third parties is done only in accordance with the legal and, as the case may be, contractual provisions for the categories of recipients specified previously.




Personal data are stored for a period proportional to the stated purposes or in accordance with legal and specific requirements, after which they will be anonymized according to internal procedures.




According to the applicable legal provisions, you benefit from: the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to deletion (the right to be forgotten), the right to restrict processing, the right to portability, over personal data belonging to you or, as the case may be, to the person which you legally represent.


Note! You can always withdraw your Agreement regarding the processing of personal data by informing us in writing at the e-mail address , this possibility being applicable for the processing of personal data based on the previously expressed consent. Otherwise, the personal data provided for the purpose of concluding and executing a contract will be processed for the term established in the contract (as the case may be, in a simplified form), and the personal data provided for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation will be processed for the incident term from the applicable normative acts. Important to mention is the fact that starting with the exhaustion of the standard storage term, in some cases an auxiliary storage term of 3 (three) years can be applied for some personal data, representing the general prescription term stipulated in the national legislation in this regard . Thus, in good faith and in order to defend the legitimate rights of our company in the event of a dispute, we reserve the right to apply the auxiliary storage term in some situations, starting with the day when the standard storage term has been fulfilled.


For ambiguities, requests or notifications regarding data protection, please contact our company's data protection officer at the following coordinates:


DPO: Adrian Magda



Any request/report/petition addressed to our company in terms of personal data will be answered within the legal term, i.e. no later than 30 days from the moment of its registration. As an exception, in the case of requests that involve complex operations, the above term can be extended proportionally and without exceeding a reasonable period in relation to the object of the request.


Postal correspondence address: SC Diaconu Agriplant SRL – Made By Society (Legal Department) from Romania, Botosani county, Rachiti locality, Industrial Zone, 2nd floor, office no. 1, landmark: former slaughterhouse.


This information note represents a brief presentation of the information presented in detail within the Privacy Policy for the processing of personal data through our online store. For detailed information, we recommend you to access the Privacy Policy presented in the online store.


Note! As a result of extra-Community orders made from/in third countries (located outside the European Union), the Operator may process personal data, in the sense that the normative acts applicable in Romania produce legal effects, including EU Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, adopted by the European Parliament. At the same time, in addition to this Information Note, the provisions of the Privacy Policy for the processing of personal data through the "Made By Society" online store take effect.


This document is the property of our company, intended only to justify the commercial relationship we have with our customers. Copying, distributing or appropriating the document is prohibited.


MADE BY SOCIETY is promptly involved in respecting the legitimate rights of its Clients, having a primary concern including for the observance of the legal provisions that govern the activity of our company.