Privacy policy for the processing of personal data
through the "Made By Society" online store


Societatea Diaconu Agriplant SRL, hereinafter referred to as MADE BY SOCIETY or simply "Company" , with headquarters in Romania, Botosani county, loc. Rachiti, Zona Industriala, floor 1, office no. 1, registered at the Trade Registry Office next to the Botosani Court under no. J7/157/2017, having the unique registration code 372 959 20, tax attribute RO, established and operating in accordance with the normative acts of Romania, owner of the online store , in accordance with EU Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, adopted by the European Parliament, as an Operator processes personal data in a confidential, secure and transparent manner, assuring clients that they can trust the management of personal data provided to the Operator.


People who communicate personal data to us, have the opportunity to send us free and unconditional requests in order to exercise their legal and contractual rights or, as the case may be, questions regarding any aspects regarding the confidentiality and processing of this information to the address email .


Also, any requests regarding personal data can be sent by postal or fast courier services with confirmation of receipt to the address: SC Diaconu Agriplant SRL-Made By Society , Legal Department located in Romania, Botosani county, loc. Rachiti, Industrial Area, office no. 1, landmark: former slaughterhouse. All requests will be answered according to the legal provisions within a reasonable period that will not exceed 30 days from the date of receipt. However, you must bear in mind that, for technical reasons, in order to implement some of your requests or options by reference to the relevant legal provisions, it is possible that, by way of exception, a few additional days are needed, the period in which The operator will continue to process your personal data based on the previously expressed options.


Obtaining personal data


We collect the personal data that you send us voluntarily, based on their necessity in order to fulfill your request. Depending on the online relationships we have with our Customers, we process when necessary certain of their personal data through the online store, in accordance with one or more of the provisions of art. 6 para. (1) para. a), b), c) and f) from EU Regulation no. 679/2016. The reason for the processing of personal data is to comply with the legislation in force, to defend our legitimate interests, to honor some customer requests, to confirm and carry out trade operations such as the sale-purchase of some products and their delivery through partner transport companies, the return of a previous product purchased, performing a banking transaction related to the purchase of a product, informing customers and resolving any complaints from them or communicating with them under legal and contractual conditions, subscribing to the newsletter or creating a user account in the online store and, at the same time, drawing up and archiving, pursuant to the law or, as the case may be, a contract, of specific documentation such as tax invoices, invoices and return forms, minutes related to a transaction or sales-purchase contracts when appropriate, but also defense of legal rights times of our company. With the prior consent of the client, the processed data can be used for other determined, justified and legal purposes, such as but not limited to the use for marketing and advertising purposes. In the case of accounting management documents, the personal data thus obtained are processed pursuant to art. 319 paragraph (20) of Law 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code of Romania and are stored pursuant to art. 25 para. (1) from the Accounting Law no. 82/1991 from Romania, for a period of 10 years to which is added the additional term (if we consider it necessary to defend our legitimate interest) and the general 3-year statute of limitations provided for in the Civil Code of Romania, which runs from the end of the financial year for the year during which these records were drawn up or, in the event that the drawing up of accounting management documents is not required, they will be stored for a reasonable period of time and necessary for their processing, including by referring to the legal provisions in force or, after case, according to the contractual provisions applicable in the respective case, to be deleted in an efficient, safe and definitive way when their storage is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose and basis of the provision, taking into account an additional term (if we consider necessary to defend our legitimate interest) of 3 years representing the general limitation period provided for in the Civil Code of Romania. Personal data can be used even in pre-commercial reports, which do not have a product as their object. By way of example, in the conditions in which you opt for the creation of a user account, your personal data will be stored for the entire duration of the existence of the account thus established, and will be deleted in an efficient, safe and definitive way when the additional term is fulfilled (if we consider it necessary for the defense of our legitimate interest) and a general prescription of 3 years stipulated in the Civil Code of Romania, which starts when you proceed to delete the respective account, provided that their storage is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose and the basis of the provision. Once the account is deleted, you can create a new user account at any time under the same conditions. The users of the online store are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of the data regarding their own access account, such as the username and password, being responsible for the operations carried out within the online store. If there are indications that, for various reasons attributable or not attributable to the user in question, the confidentiality of these access data has been compromised, he will immediately notify the Operator to block access to the account, and a new set of data will be promptly generated for accessing the account by its owner. Similarly, if you choose to subscribe to the newsletter made available to our customers, your personal data will be stored for the entire duration of the subscription, and will be deleted in an effective, safe and definitive way upon the completion of the additional term ( if we consider it necessary to defend our legitimate interest) and the general 3-year statute of limitations stipulated in the Romanian Civil Code, which starts when you cancel the respective subscription, provided that their storage is no longer necessary based on the purpose and basis of supply.


At the same time, if you order products in the online store, by reference to our legitimate interest regarding the good administration of our business, we need your phone number and an electronic correspondence address, which belong to you, in order to be able to contact you in order to confirming the order we receive, prior to attempting to deliver it or, as the case may be, to communicate certain essential information related to the order/service requested by you. Also, in order to take possession of the products ordered and delivered to you, there is also the possibility of being contacted/notified by phone or by correspondence by the representatives of the partner transport company of our company, such as but not limited to Fan Courier Express Srl or other transport companies that we may subsequently contract according to our legitimate business interest and without notifying you beforehand. Your phone number and e-mail address will be deleted in a safe, effective and definitive way from our company's database when the delivery formalities have been successfully completed, as long as we do not you request this by contracting other services and there is no incident related to the completion of the respective order, an event that is imputable to you and contrary to our legitimate interest. In the event of such an event (for example, you refuse to take over the goods for which we make the delivery based on the order you sent us in advance), in order to defend the legitimate interests that our company has, we reserve the right to for a period of 3 years (representing the general limitation period provided for in the Romanian Civil Code) starting with the date of the respective incident, let's proceed including the archiving of the telephone number and e-mail address that belong to you. If you send us new commercial orders within this term, we reserve the right to reject them.


The personal data of minors are carefully processed by processing specific security measures. Thus, our company does not request and does not collect the personal data of minors under the age of 18 except with the consent of the legal representative of the minor and only to the extent that we unilaterally decide to process such data with due cause. Under this aspect, the Operator has introduced in the online store mentions or, as the case may be, specific fields in which the Customer undertakes to declare truthfully and on his own responsibility if he is over 18 years old. Our company is not responsible for statements made in an unrealistic way by our Customers if we were not aware of the real situation. Please note that in accordance with the legislator's requirements regarding the safety and limitation of the processing of the personal data of the persons concerned, we will not request copies of the identity documents belonging to the persons concerned/consumers.


When we request the personal data of our Clients, we inform you in a clear and explicit manner about the necessary data, as well as about the consequences of not providing them, seeing at the same time the purpose and basis of their processing. When it is not possible otherwise, in the case of not providing the necessary personal data, our company is unable to register and, respectively, honor the orders of its Customers. Moreover, to the extent that a user of the online store formulates legitimate requests aimed at deleting and/or returning some information or documents, as the case may be, as well as limiting the use of certain personal data, these situations may affect the quality of services provided by the Operator, may make it difficult to exercise the object of the contract or may cause damage to the users in question or may lead to the impossibility of honoring the order/service requested by the consumer, as a result of the Operator not taking steps according to the online store's operating methodology. Under these conditions, the respective users fully assume the consequences of such decisions materialized through requests addressed to the Operator or by limiting or not granting consent to the processing of personal data.


The personal data that we can request from you, depending on the case, are the following:

  • Name and surname;
  • Complete home address;
  • Postal adress;
  • Electronic correspondence address;
  • Phone number;
  • Data necessary for a transaction such as the bank account or the name of the owner of this account, as well as the banking institution where the respective account is opened;
  • Body dimensions;
  • Signature (by limitation to specific purposes, such as, for example, signing the return form, signing the guarantee form, signing, as the case may be, the form for exercising the rights of the person concerned);
  • Other personal data (only and only if necessary and justified under the law).


For the previously stated purposes, we will carefully and individually process the personal data that belong to you, there being the possibility that under the aspect of necessity, depending on the case and by reference to the nature of your order, we may transmit all or part of this data to the companies transport partners in case of delivery of products to the address you indicate to us or to the competent banking/payment institutions in case of payment of products by bank transfer. In the same way, under the aspect of the operation of the online store in a proper, optimal and useful way, some of your personal data may be transmitted to partner IT companies or to other people involved in the development, operation and maintenance of the online store, of the software program of financial-accounting management with the relevant license, the holder of the electronic archive. At the same time, as a result of placing an order in the respective online store, for the purpose of issuing the related invoice, your personal data, as necessary, are transmitted and processed through the licensed financial-accounting management program and will be archived in writing and/or electronically in a secure server located on the territory of the European Union, the geographical area in which our company is located.


When the ordered product is delivered to the Customer by means of fast courier services, we will transmit to the partner transport company (third party recipient) in a confidential manner the necessary personal data of the Customer in order to ship the respective product. In order to get involved in the creation of a secure transmission of this data, we will have the opportunity to dispose within the legal limits, any measures we consider necessary under this aspect and we will firmly request the partner transport companies to strictly respect the protection of the personal data thus received , respecting including the legal provisions that regulate the processing of this information.


We assure you that the transmission of this data to third parties is carried out in accordance with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data and confidentiality of information, based on contracts concluded with our partners that also include guarantees in the processing of personal data within legal limits. However, these third parties are unilaterally responsible for the way they process personal data, which is why, before placing an order in our online store, we recommend that you read the personal data processing policy of legitimate third parties, presented within the following websites:


Our company can process the personal data of its Customers also due to a legal, contractual obligation or a public interest. We assure you that we respect the contracts in which we are a party and the applicable laws that in certain cases may require the processing of data belonging to our Clients. By way of example, the commission of a crime may be reported or there may be another reporting obligation and this aspect may require the transmission of the Client's personal data to the competent authorities. In any case, we will transmit the data of a client to the competent authority or institution only and only after we make sure that this entity meets all the necessary and legal conditions for obtaining the respective information.


The client's rights regarding the processing of personal data


Our clients have all the specific legal rights in the matter of personal data processing, and our company will ensure an environment that facilitates the exercise of these rights in a transparent, fair and easily accessible way at any time.


We guarantee that at any time you can dispose of the legal rights provided below:

  • Obtaining information about the personal data that belong to you and have been provided to our company;
  • Accessing personal data and requesting their modification;
  • Restriction of the processing of personal data or opposition to their processing;
  • Request to delete personal data;
  • The request to receive the personal data you have provided us and the right to ask us to send them to another company;
  • Withdrawal of consent regarding the processing of personal data;
  • The request to be compensated in the cases provided by law;
  • The possibility of submitting a complaint to the National Supervisory Authority for the


Processing of Personal Data. Our customers also have the possibility to request access to personal data that, through our company, have been transmitted to third party recipients/authorized persons for the purposes presented. By way of example, you can request us, and we undertake to arrange the necessary and possible measures to ensure your access to the personal data processed by the partner transport companies (such as Fan Courier Express SRL, but also other companies that we will could subsequently contract in our legitimate business interest), for the purpose of delivering products or parcels to targeted persons.


Adequate security measures for the processing of personal data


Our company has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the safety of personal data provided by our Clients. These protection measures do not cover those personal data that you choose to communicate in non-confidential public spaces online or offline. Our company will keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the stated purpose, taking into account the need to respond to requests, requests and questions that you address to us within the term of storage of the information provided.


We store the personal data belonging to you in a secure platform regarding which we hold all the license rights, this being archived in an encrypted and secure backup server, intended for this purpose. We use dedicated servers, established technologies, always up-to-date and secure data traffic. We assure our clients that there are no obvious risks of theft, deletion, modification, counterfeiting, alteration or accidental destruction of the personal data provided to us. In the event that vulnerabilities are detected on the personal data you provide us, we undertake to take appropriate measures in order to eliminate risks of this nature. By referring to the legal provisions, within 24 hours from the detection of a possible obvious risk, we will announce this incident to the Client and/or, as the case may be, to the National Authority for the Supervision of the Processing of Personal Data, at the same time ordering the necessary and possible measures in order to combat or, as the case may be, reduce the effects of a possible risk. When the personal data belonging to you are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or which was agreed upon and there is no legal or contractual obligation to keep them in the future, we will proceed to delete them in an efficient way , sure and definitive.


Confidentiality of other information concerning you


Our customers come first, and for this reason, our company, within the limits of legal and/or contractual provisions, keeps confidential the information that concerns you and that you provide us at our request or based on a legal or contractual obligation that concerns us . In order to maintain the confidentiality and security of this information, we periodically arrange appropriate technical and organizational measures, and the staff of our company is regularly trained for this purpose. By placing orders, requests or performing operations through the online store, you agree that the processing and storage of your personal data will be carried out by our company in accordance with this privacy policy, simplified information note regarding the processing of personal data, as well as in accordance with the relevant normative acts, including as it is but not limited to EU Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of such data, adopted by the European Parliament, also implemented in national legislation. You also agree that in the case of placing a online orders, your data required for related invoicing, to be processed through the licensed financial-accounting management system used by our company in a secure manner. At the same time, in order to deliver the order placed by you, you agree that your personal data necessary for the delivery will be processed by the partner transport companies, accepting at the same time to be contacted or notified by them in terms of fulfilling the stated purpose.




In order to improve the activity of our customers in relation to the online store, as well as for marketing purposes, based on your consent and choice, you can sign up for the newsletter organized by our company, using an e-mail address which belongs to you. The newsletter is an e-mail or sms that our company can send to a list of subscribers, in order to communicate commercial and marketing information that we consider useful for subscribers. Such information may refer, by way of example, to new products, discounts, events, or contests organized by our company. Both subscribing to the newsletter and unsubscribing from this communication channel represent the personal option of our customers, in the sense that the processing of personal data operates under the aspect of consent expressed online.


This document represents the property of our company, with the sole purpose of justifying the commercial relationship we have with our clients. It is forbidden to copy, distribute or appropriate the document.


Made By Society promptly gets involved in respecting the legitimate rights of its Customers, having a primary concern including for respecting the legal provisions that govern the activity of our company.