Form regarding the exercise of the right to guarantee
(recommended to supplement and transmission to our company)

Product name: ____________________________________________________________ Product size: |____|

Purchase document: |___| fiscal invoice, no. ______________________from the date of _____________________

The store from which the product was purchased:

|___| online shop _______________________________________________________________________________

Reported deficiencies: __________________________________________________________________________


The complete address of the Consumer for correspondence and delivery is:________________________________


E-mail:______________________________ Phone number:___________________________________________

The consumer is the holder of the bank account:

IBAN,____________________________________opened at the Bank __________________________________

The consumer submits this notification to the Trader accompanied by:

|____| the product that is the subject of the complaint; |___| the purchase document shown above (copy);

|____| As a Consumer, I have taken note of the fact that this notification will be resolved according to the

instructions for use, the provisions stipulated in the law and in the warranty certificate.

|____| As the consumer-data subject, I declare that the data recorded in this form are real and complete, agreeing to

their processing starting with the date of the present and up to a term of 3 years starting with the date of resolution of

the present. I agree that the processing of my personal data will be carried out in accordance with the Information

Note and the Privacy Policy of the Operator, documents that I have read in advance.



I handed in the date ..........................................

Name and surname: ..........................................

( complete )

Signature: ...........................................................



I received in date ................................................

Name and surname: ...........................................

Signature/ Stamp: ...............................................


It is completed by the Trader - Seller. The contents of the sections below are certified by the trader's stamp.

Following the finding carried out by specialized personnel, it was noted:

|___| the notification above is the subject of the warranty, because:


|___| the notification above is not covered by the warranty, because:


Reason why: |___| the product is replaced; |___| the value of the product is reimbursed;

|___| the product is returned to the consumer; Other mentions of the trader: ______________________________



I received on the date .........................................

Name and surname: ............................................

Signature: ............................................................



I delivered on the date ...................................

Name and surname: .......................................

Signature/stamp: ............................................



For the products purchased from the store MADE BY SOCIETY

Societatea Diaconu Agriplant SRL , hereinafter referred to as "MADE BY SOCIETY" or simply "Company" , with headquarters in Romania, Botoșani county, loc. Răchiți, Zona Industriala, floor 1, office no. 1, having unique registration code 37295920, tax attribute RO, established and operating in accordance with the normative acts in Romania, owner of the online store www.madebysociety.com , correspondence address regarding online relations between the Trader and the Consumer in Romania, the county Ilfov, place Caldararu, str. Oxigenului no. 1D, Online Department - "Made By Society" and e-mail online@madebysociety.com, as a Trader-Seller, we grant consumers this warranty certificate associated with the products purchased from our stores.

All products sold by Made by Society benefit from a guarantee, the application of the guarantee starting from the day the product comes into the Customer's possession, following delivery.

The product warranty represents any commitment from the Company to the Consumer to replace a product found by the Trader to be non-compliant with a new one or to reimburse the Buyer the price paid for the product found to be non-compliant by the Trader, in exchange for returning it to the Trader of the non-compliant product to be checked beforehand by the trader and only if the non-compliant product does not correspond to the technical specifications or any other requirement that is related to compliance/information under the conditions of the law, respectively only when a possible non-compliance that we find is attributed to the Trader and/or the Manufacturer; In the case of replacing the product found to be non-compliant with a new one, including the latter, it benefits from a new warranty period according to this document.

In the case of the products sold, Made By Society offers a commercial guarantee for any non-conformity that exists at the time of the sale of the goods, a commercial guarantee that is ascertained within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment the Consumer acquired the product from the Trader, with the exception of the mandatory legal provisions that provide otherwise.

The commercial guarantee (for durability) operates even when the non-conformities of the product appear within the term of 30 (thirty) calendar days, specified above.

Exercising the right to warranty is possible only if the good in question is accompanied by the fiscal invoice regarding the purchase of the product in connection with which the complaint is made, according to the legislation in force in Romania, the country where the legal relationship of sale-purchase of products takes place, representing the place in which is charged the price and handed over to third-party senders in the case of distance sales.

The recommended procedure for accessing the warranty is as follows:

- Handing over to the Trader the product in respect of which deficiencies are reported, together with the relevant fiscal invoice certifying the purchase (copy) and a justified notification from the Consumer, (such as the form regarding the exercise of the warranty right provided as a model) are essential elements to our company for the resolution of any subsequent complaint. The product (complete and clean) in respect of which deficiencies are reported must be delivered/shipped by the Consumer, with declared content,confirmation of receipt (recommended) and with the possibility of being checked at the time of delivery to the Trader at our headquarters in Romania, Ilfov county, place Caldararu, str. Oxigenului no. 1D, Dept. Online – Made By Society.

- The measures that are the subject of the guarantee (replacement of the product or, as thecase may be, reimbursement of the related consideration in exchange for handing over the non-compliant product to the Trader) will be granted under the conditions in which it will be established that the existing deficiencies are attributable to the Trader or the Manufacturer, and the consumer has complied with the conditions and the recommendations for use, including the provisions stipulated in the law and in the warranty certificate. In the event of a notification proven to be justified following the finding, formulated in writing, within the terms and conditions stipulated in the law and in this warranty certificate, our Company, in the absence of any cost, will replace the respective product with a similar one (new and of the same size) if the latter is available in stock. Only if such a product is not available in stock, the Consumer will be reimbursed the value of the product in question, as recorded in the fiscal invoice related to the sale-purchase. However, the Consumer has the right to ask the Trader to replace the non-conforming product with another of a different type and/or size and with a value at least equal to that of the non-conforming product, and the Trader has the right, to the extent possible, to the available stock and to the assessment to accept such a request from the Customer, with the latter, as the case may be, paying the Trader the positive difference in value between the replaced product and the replacement one. The replacement or, as the case may be, the reimbursement of the consideration related to the good in question (this latter measure being carried out by the resolution of the sale purchase contract), will be carried out by our Company within 14 calendar days from the moment we came into possession of the good in the cause for the purpose of making the finding that we will make, accompanied by the related invoice or tax receipt and a justified notification made within the terms and conditions stipulated in the law and in this warranty certificate and only if we find non-conformities of the product due to the Trader or the Manufacturer.

- If the deficiencies reported by the Consumer are not attributable to the Manufacturer or the Trader or, as the case may be, the finding could not be made due to the fact that the Consumer did not comply with either the relevant legal provisions or those stipulated in the warranty certificate or the essential recommendations of the use of the product (for example, he handed over the incomplete or dirty product to the Trader, although he did not purchase it as such), the latter will bear any costs committed by our company in the sense of the notification in question (e.g. costs related to carrying out the assessment, costs related to delivery, etc. ).

- If, after making the finding, deficiencies will be found that involve the replacement of the product, the new product will be delivered to the consumer at the delivery address indicated by him. The related costs in such a case will be retained in the charge of the Trader.

- If, after making the finding, deficiencies will be found that involve the reimbursement of the product's value (including delivery costs), the amount in question will be paid to the consumer's bank account. The related costs in such a case will be retained in the charge of the Trader.

- If, after the verification, no deficiencies attributable to the Trader or the Manufacturer will be found, the verified product will be returned to the Consumer at the address indicated by him, and the related costs in such a case will be retained in the charge of the the Consumer.

IMPORTANT: This warranty certificate is complemented by law with the mandatory provisions stipulated in the applicable normative acts, regarding the warranty regime for consumer products sold at a distance.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding MADE BY SOCIETY products, please contact us via electronic correspondence at the e-mail address online@madebysociety.com .

The staff of our company is ready to offer you the necessary support!

Instructions for use and maintenance of items sold by "MADE BY SOCIETY"

The guarantee produces effects for the goods purchased from our company and used by the consumer under normal and compliant conditions, according to the instructions for use. The instructions for use are presented in the labels related to the sold products. We reserve the right to, in addition to the instructions presented on the labels of the products, present other additional and written instructions to consumers, in which case their compliance must be taken into account, as some of these may be published including in our online store .

As for clothing (including clothing accessories) , it must be washed or cleaned according to the instructions on the label and, as the case may be, those additionally presented by our company. Do not use industrial cleaning products or other non-compliant or inappropriate products, such as but not limited to those containing soda or other chemical derivatives. Make sure in advance that the washing and cleaning products are safe and meet the quality requirements imposed by the legislation applied in the place of sale. Please also take into account the observance of the recommendations/pictograms regarding the washing and cleaning temperature, as well as the methods indicated for carrying them out. At the same time, we inform you that the bags and satchels sold by our company are only clothing accessories, in the sense that they are not designed to support the storage or transport of weights greater than 1 kilogram. We mention the fact that the textile masks for covering the face sold through our store are exclusively clothing items.

As for leather clothing and belts , they can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, without using detergents, solvents, bleaches or any other chemical substances. These solutions can cause irreversible damage to the appearance of the skin and such a situation is not covered by warranty. If the item gets wet, wipe it with a soft cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature without entering the direct contact with heat sources . Do not wash clothes or leather belts in the washing machine, except when it is provided otherwise in the labels of these products. Regarding all products , do not dry the products by placing them directly on heat sources such as but not limited to radiators, radiators or stoves. Protect the products from objects that could cause snagging, burns, discoloration, stains, perforations, tears, peeling, scratches or any other physical actions that can cause damage, including protecting them from the intervention of domestic animals, insects, rodents, etc. Do not use spray, acetone, acid, oils, benzene, insecticide or other harmful substances on or near the products and ensure their storage in appropriate places, away from excessive humidity, direct sources of heat and the direct and prolonged action of the sun's rays. The articles of clothing must have the closing/clamping mechanisms undone during their dressing and undressing to avoid mechanical destruction of the product and the respective mechanisms. Please keep in mind that the products sold by our company are not intended for sports use. Our company does not assume responsibility for damages caused intentionally or through negligence, by infrigement the instructions for use related to the product.At the same time, our responsibility is not engaged for damages caused by third parties, such as the service providers who ensure the professional cleaning or repair of the products.