Policy regarding the use of cookie codes by accessing
the online store Made By Society


Societatea Diaconu Agriplant SRL, hereinafter referred to as MADE BY SOCIETY or simply "Company" , with headquarters in Romania, Botosani county, loc. Rachiti, Zona Industriala, floor 1, office no. 1, registered at the Trade Registry Office next to the Botosani Tribunal under no. J7/157/2017, having the unique registration code 372 959 20, tax attribute RO, established and operating in accordance with the normative acts of Romania, owner of the online store, to improve the activity of our customers in relation to the store online, as well as for analysis and marketing purposes, we also store personal data through automatic means such as cookies when you interact with the pages of our online store. In this case, the stored data may include mainly the IP address, the browser type and its version, the operating system, the identification number of the mobile device, the geographical location, the redirection URLs, the information about the actions taken on the website, the date and time of the request to the server.


Because we want you to know the meaning of the cookie codes we use, we inform you that these are small files, made up of letters and numbers, stored on your computer, mobile terminal or other equipment that you use to access the online store, having mainly for the purpose of identifying the user's terminal and presenting the content in a relevant way and adapted to his preferences. Thus, we can use fixed or per-session cookies. Fixed cookies remain stored on your terminal for a period determined by their parameters or until you manually delete them, while per-session cookie codes are temporary files that remain stored on the user's terminal until the end of browsing on the website.


For a dynamic navigation in the online store, we recommend that you accept the storage of cookie codes and do not disable them along the way. If you want to block cookie codes, you have this possibility, but some functionalities of the website will be stopped, thus there is a risk of malfunctions or errors, such as, for example, the impossibility of simplifying online shopping or even the impossibility of accessing the account user or the impossibility of realizing the purpose for which you accessed the online store.


In order to improve the activity of our customers in connection with the online store, as well as for marketing purposes, we use plugins of the social network (Meta). By accessing our company's website, your browser will connect directly with the Facebook servers, the content of these plugins being transmitted by Facebook directly to your browser. Our company has no responsibility for the data that Facebook collects through these plugins, but we recommend that in this regard, you take note of the policies presented in the specific sections of the website, respectively https : //


In order to improve the activity of our customers in connection with the online store, as well as for marketing purposes, we use Google Analytics, a digital analysis tool belonging to Google. The analysis method used by the Google Analytics platform is based on cookie modules set in the web browser used by you. The information regarding the use of this website is collected through these cookies and transferred to a server of the Google group, where they are also stored. Google will use the collected information to make reports on the use of web pages. The IP address transmitted by the web browser within the Google Analytics service will not be connected with other information of the Google group.


As an example, regarding the operation of the online store (web domain), we use cookie codes such as:


_ga - description: "_ga" is an analysis cookie code, installed by Google Analytics, which calculates numerical data about visitors, sessions and data about campaigns, keeping track of the use of the site for its analysis report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors. This cookie is stored for 2 years.


_gid - description: "_gid" is an analysis cookie code, installed by Google Analytics, which stores information about how users use the website and creates a website performance analysis report. Some of the data collected anonymously includes the number of visitors, their web access source and the pages they visit. This cookie is stored for 1 day.


PHPSESSID - description: The required cookie "PHPSESSID" is native to PHP applications. The cookie is used to store and identify the users' unique session ID in order to manage the user's session on the site. The cookie is of session type and is deleted when all browser windows are closed. This cookie is stored for 1 hour.


private_content_version – description: The required cookie code "private_content_version" is set by our service provider, respectively by Shopify eCommerce platform. This cookie is used to add a random, unique number and time to client content pages to prevent them from being cached on the server. This cookie is stored for 10 years.


Redirected - description : The "redirected" cookie is stored for session.


_dc_gtm_UA-000000-0 – description: The cookie code "_dc_gtm_UA-000000-0" is stored for 1 minute.


Config - description: The "config" cookie code is not stored.


This document represents the property of our company, with the sole purpose of justifying the commercial relationship we have with our clients.


Made by Society promptly gets involved in respecting the legitimate rights of its Clients, having a primary concern including respecting the legal provisions that govern the activity of our company.